10th International Congress of the Academy for Psychotherapy and Counseling (APS)

June 5-8, 2019 in the Congress Centrum Würzburg.

Linked! Connected! Caught?

Psychotherapy und Counselling in a Digitalised World

Dear Participants,
Dr. med. Martin GrabeEveryone knows the phrase “digital revolution”. However, many people have the feeling that it does not have a lot to do with them.
There are two reasons: First of all, if digitalization is done well, it is “smart”. A manufacturer that wants to market a new technical product will only be successful if it functions intuitively and if it has an immediate “reward factor”. That could be the intelligent coffeemachine with which one receives a fresh cup of coffee by pressing a single button, or the tailgate that opens with a kick of the foot. Social media is only a few clicks away, so that even the grandmother with little technical knowhow can “whatsapp” with her grandchildren.
The other reason that is not so obvious is due to the fact that people in our age-group were born into the digital world. Intelligent devices, digital communication, a vast number of offers of digital games equally define our living space with people, animals, trees and furniture. We are “digital natives”.
Until we consciously take time to think about it, we often do not notice the extent to which we are unavoidably involved in the variety of networks in the digital world that have developed around us in the past 20 years. We no longer have control over where our shopping behaviour, our movements, and relationships are recorded. We no longer know which interests steer the news that reach us. Many attempts at manipulation land directly on our displays.
And, at the same time, all of us want to continue to use our cellphones. We also know: if we want to save the earth’s climate, it will only happen through a network of digital control of our use of energy.
That raises questions that do not appear in the classical therapy and counselling education.
What are the technical possibilities – today and in the near future?
What about the individual responsibility if strong external machine intelligence would like to make decisions for us?
How can we help people whose life has, to a large extent, slipped into the virtual world, e.g. the addiction to computer games?
How can we counteract the „post-truth“ thinking, the manipulative forming of opinions, the global elimination of opposition?
How can we use all the new possibilities in the best sense in psychotherapy and counselling - whether with communication possibilities or training programs?
The Christian faith can have a special influence. In a sense, Christians have always been people who have consciously lived in a parallel world. Jesus describes it with this sentence: “The kingdom of God is in your midst.” According to the Christian faith, this kingdom, this power and God’s capacity encompasses everything, also the extensive digital world. What can be said about digitalization from a theological viewpoint of the aspects of Christian hope?
We invite you to dig deep into these questions with us – and consequently to be motivated, and to once again take hold of the therapeutic and counselling work with open eyes.
And because this is the 10th APS-Congress, we would like to celebrate this anniversary with you.

In the name of the planning team
Dr. Martin Grabe
Chairman of APS

Congress Program

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We do not offer childcare because this service was hardly used in past congresses.

A bookstand with books from our speakers will be available during the entire congress.

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